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From “Lost” to “Ringer”, Nestor Carbonell Is All About Mysterious TV Dramas

From "Lost" to "Ringer", Nestor Carbonell Is All About Mysterious TV Dramas

  |   Written by Danielle Turchiano

Article From LA TV Inside Examiner

Nestor Carbonell is in a tough position. No, not because he is trying to follow up LOST with another TV show. And no, not even because he is only one handsome man in a seemingly endless sea of them from which Sarah Michelle Gellar (or at least her Ringer character of Bridget) will be choosing. Instead, it is the fact that he is playing an agent who is trailing Bridget that is so worrisome. See, the thing is: his character of Victor knows Bridget; he knows her addictions and the checkers in her past. So it is probably only a matter of time before he catches on to the fact that she has not skipped town but is simply hiding in plain sight: by taking on her twin sister’s identity. And if he is chasing her– if he has the capacity to expose her– he is a threat to her. And if we identify with Bridget, doesn’t that make him the bad guy in this show?

“It’s interesting. I don’t see him as a bad guy. He definitely has a dark side, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, but I also think he’s got a fondness for Bridget. Until she turns on him!” Carbonell weighed in when we caught up with him in Los Angeles at the Paley Center for Media’s fall TV preview.

So far in the few episodes Carbonell has shot, it has been a lot of stumbling blocks in his road to finding Bridget. There are legal issues that get in the way of his investigation, and at times he gets sidetracked with something he learns about her twin sister, Siobhan, who he believes he has actually met. He is spending most of his time working opposite Gellar, therefore, but he did say he looks forward to expanding outward in the cast.

One thing he doesn’t want to know too soon, oddly enough, is too many back story details about Victor.

“We don’t go into his history just yet, but I’m good with that. I had a lot of fun doing that on LOST, but I kind of like not knowing who this guy is,” Carbonell admitted, noting that half the fun is reading the scripts and being surprised the same way the audience will be when they see the episodes play out on screen. That thriller format was something that Carbonell was instantly hooked on.

“The element of surprise is something that really gripped me,” Carbonell shared. “You get sucked in, as a performer, and that’s a good sign!

We definitely agree. You can check out our advance review of the Ringer pilot right here.

Ringer premieres on The CW on September 13th at 9pm.

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