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Shōgun Episode 1 Recap: Survival in a Foreign Land

Shōgun Episode 1 Recap: Survival in a Foreign Land

  |   Written by Gregory James Wakeman

He’s taking it all back to Osaka, including the clean, dressed and well-fed Blackthorne, all with the help of Rodrigues (Nestor Carbonell), a Spaniard sailing for Portugal, who promises to take care of Blackthorne.

The journey to Osaka soon encounters a huge storm. Rodrigues releases Blackthorne from his binds so the experienced pilot can help get them through the rough waters. But Rodrigues, who can’t swim, falls overboard.

Back on dry land, Blackthorne, Yabushige and a group of men go to find Rodrigues. When they do, he’s injured on the rocks and they’re high up on a cliff. Blackthorne wants to climb down with a rope, but Yabushige won’t allow him to do so; not wanting Blackthorne to look heroic in front of him and his men.

Yabushige goes down, falls and almost drowns in a pathetic manner. He is about to kill himself through seppuku, when the men find another rope and throw it down, allowing them to save Rodrigues and Yabushige.

As they finish their journey to Osaka, a convalescing Rodrigues reveals to Blackthorne he went on board Erasmus, found a book detailing their protestant plan and is going to use it to blackmail him. Blackthorne swears he won’t die on this savage land. But Rodrigues laughs at his perception of Japan, telling him to look at the beauty of Osaka and compare it to the dirty European cities he’s used to.

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