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The Best Roles The Cast Of Lost Has Landed Since The Show Ended

The Best Roles The Cast Of Lost Has Landed Since The Show Ended

  |   Written by Margaret David

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When “Lost” first aired in 2004, it quickly became the TV topic of choice at the watercooler for the next several years. We were invested in the lives of these crash survivors, and eager to understand the mysteries of the island they’d landed on. Jack, Kate, Hurley, and dozens more became our friends; we mourned their losses and feared for their lives during their clashes with Ben Linus and his Others.

Years later, debates about the quality of the final episodes of “Lost” can still get heated. But rather than focus on whether or not the show stuck the landing (it didn’t, but what a great ride), let’s enjoy seeing where our old buddies have turned up since. While no actor should be defined by a single character, it’s often interesting to compare their roles to see how the actor’s approach has changed. Have they gotten away from their big, signature role? Have they embraced it? Let’s take a look at the “Lost” cast and talk about the best things they’ve done since leaving that weird island.

Nestor Carbonell — Bates Motel’s Sheriff Romero

Richard Alpert was a man of many secrets, and it wasn’t until late into “Lost” that we found out who this ageless figure really was. Made quasi-immortal by Jacob, Richard, formerly a Spanish slave from the Black Rock, became the loyal spiritual leader of the Others.

Nestor Carbonell imbued Alpert with a stoic moral center that gradually crumbled when conflict arrived. It’s similar to what Carbonell brought to “Bates Motel” as the equally moralistic and shattered Sheriff Alex Romero. In this loose adaptation of “Psycho,” Romero replaces the film’s original abusive stepfather and plays hero for most of the series. But Romero can’t hold it together when Norman tries to take responsibility for his crimes. Carbonell isn’t much like Alpert by the end, but the role is a good, meaty one that highlights his gifts. For Carbonell, it’s been a long road since Batmanuel, but a great one.

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