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‘The Morning Show’: Not Every Cast Member Was Happy About That Foo Fighters Performance

‘The Morning Show’: Not Every Cast Member Was Happy About That Foo Fighters Performance

  |   Written by Fred Topel

Article From Show Biz Cheat Sheet

The Apple TV+ drama The Morning Show lands musical guests as big as a real morning show. Kelly Clarkson played herself in season 1. Season 2’s fourth episode featured a performance by the Foo Fighters in the TMS studio. That meant a free concert for the cast. Well, most of them. Not everybody got to see the Foo Fighters.

The Morning Show actors Greta Lee, Desean Terry, Karen Pittman and Nestor Carbonell spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet on Sept. 10 about the new season. Find out who got a good seat for the show and who was left out. New episodes of The Morning Show premiere Fridays on Apple TV+.

‘The Morning Show’ anchors got front row seats to Foo Fighters
Terry and Carbonell play anchors on TMS. So, they were standing with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon to watch the Foo Fighters.

“That was a fun day on set,” Terry said. “We’re still in quarantine. So when we got to shoot things like a concert or like the New Year’s Day celebration where we had a bunch of people, everyone tested, COVID protocols. And we had these moments where we got to celebrate New Year’s, there was true adrenaline going through us because those types of experiences, we hadn’t been in them in so long. So I think you saw some true excitement because we got a little bit of the concert feel within our quarantine and bubble while we were shooting the show.”

It was not Carbonell’s first Foo Fighters show. However, as The Morning Show‘s weatherman, he probably got closer than ever.

“They were tremendous, they were phenomenal,” Carbonell said. “That was another highlight of coming back is you get these incredible guests to come in. I watched them play, it’s crazy to think that they actually opened for someone, but they did open for The Police when The Police came back. And I got to see them at Dodgers Stadium and the were phenomenal. They certainly didn’t disappoint on set. It was tremendous to get to see them play.”

Other ‘Morning Show’ stars got to watch the Foo Fighters backstage
Greta Lee plays Stella Bak, the news president at UBA. Stella stands backstage with Cory (Billy Crudup) watching the Foo Fighters.

“We actually stood in the audience and we got to watch them play,” Lee said. “It was so amazing, so fun.”

The Morning Show comes in near the conclusion of the Foo Fighters’ song. Lee said they played the full song, and did it for multiple takes.

“They played that full song and with TV, we do multiple takes so we got to hear it a couple of times,” Lee said. “It was also just fun hanging out with them that day. And after we finished we went over to their trailers and hung out with them. It was great. It was really fun.”

Karen Pittman didn’t get to see the Foo Fighters
In the Morning Show episode, you see Mia Jordan (Pittman) watching the Foo Fighters from the control room. That means she wasn’t on the floor when they were filming the scene. Pittman actually shot her scenes on a different day.

“Let me tell you something, Fred,” Pittman said. “I was not there for Kelly Clarkson’s song and I was not there for the Foo Fighters. The trick for this season was that it was really important to keep everybody safe and healthy. So we really did not have everybody around in the control room and in the studio like we probably would’ve. So I’m giving The Morning Show producers a pass for that because we were in a pandemic. No, I was not in the control room. I had to watch the playback but I love the Foo Fighters.”

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