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Killer Movie Director’s Cut Screencaptures

The gallery has been updated with screencaptures from the Director’s Cut of Killer Movie which was released on August 27, 2021. Originally released in 2008, Nestor Carbonell portrays Seaton Brookstone who tasks a client to direct a documentary in a small town. During the course of the film the crew & more are killed off one by one in a spoof of slasher flicks. A nod at this even further is the fact that the director’s cut is shorter with scenes placed in different points of the movie or scenes in the movie (such as Nestor’s interviews) being added as popups on the screen.

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Midnight, Texas Screencaptures

For Halloween this year, I’ve added Behind the Scenes photos, episode stills and screen captures of Nestor’s role as healer, Kai Lucero in the NBC supernatural drama: Midnight, Texas! In addition 3 on set interviews of Nestor have also been added to the Video Vault, below.

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2×06 A Private Person Screencaptures

Tonight we saw the consequences of Yanko’s fight from last week after he comes to the studio to meet with Stella. They discussed his black eye which led to a “they already say I wear eye makeup” quip which is a reference to Nestor Carbonell always being asked if he wears eyeliner. After having a sort of bonding moment over their struggles of being weird as children, Stella tells Yanko she has to suspend him. Yanko who thought he was in the right for sticking up for her was taken back by this announcement after their talk just a minute ago. This scene didn’t really come as a surprise but you have to feel for Yanko since he’s been put through the ringer this season so far.

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2×05 Ghosts Screencaptures

This weeks episode was released by Apple TV a few hours early, and wow was it worth it! While it was more of a Yanko-lite episode his two scenes in the episode were a definite highlight! When Mia asks him to go to Florida and learn about the Seminole tribe while being filmed he goes off. He refused to appease Stella feeling that she wanted to humiliate him because she was viewing him as prejudiced. This scene was topped when despite his feelings about her Yanko defends Stella against a man yelling racial slurs at her about COVID-19 by getting into a public fight with him.

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Gallery Update: Various Magazine Scans

The gallery has been updated with HQ digital copies of various magazine/newspaper interview articles that have came out on Nestor over the past years.

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2×04 Kill The Fatted Calf Screencaptures

In tonight’s episode, Yanko experiences the fallout of his Groundhog’s Day comment when he is called out on social media by viewers who have created the hashtag, #yankYanko. This spurs Stella & Mia to force Yanko to apologize on air even despite his feelings of having not done anything wrong. His apology doesn’t go over well due to it coming across as insincere possibly because it wasn’t a scripted response. Honorable mention to his final scene in the episode where he and Ty are getting into an impromptu performance by Daniel with them joining him in song.

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2×03 Laura Screencaptures

The gallery has been updated with 100 + Screencaptures from tonight’s episode, Laura. We saw what will be the beginning of the cancel culture storyline for Yanko when he mentions spirit animal on air during a segment on Groundhog’s Day. When Ty warns him to watch what he says he points out that Ty is younger by calling him a zoomer. Honorable mention to Alex for blowing a kiss Yanko’s way when she walks back into the studio, she seems to think very highly of Yanko. And of course Yanko playing with a yellow balloon during the announcement about Alex was very cute, in the end don’t mind Yanko he’s just trying to be one with the groundhog.

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2×02 “It’s Like The Flu” Screencaptures

Our man Yanko was here for the party in the newest episode of The Morning Show! He was full of snark, was the first one to greet Alex again (very sweet!), and trading poetry for politics. What an episode!

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2×01 My Least Favorite Year Screencaptures

What an opening to Season 2, as we were anticipating we saw quite a few scenes with Yanko! One of my favorites was when he ran into Claire’s friend on the street which really highlighted he was missing her since her departure. He also added his usual poetic twist to the question how was the weather with the hilarious, “The earth’s gonna crash into the sun but tomorrow night you’ll need a f-ing sweater”.

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The Morning Show Photocall

Last night the cast of The Morning Show attended a photocall to promote Season 2 which premieres on September 17th. Those in attendance included Nestor Carbonell, Reese Witherspoon, Karen Pittman, Desean Terry, new cast member Julianna Margulies, & more.

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