Welcome to Néstor Carbonell Central the official fansite for actor: Néstor Carbonell. You may remember him from his role as Luis Rivera in Suddenly Susan, as the ageless & enigmatic Richard Alpert in Lost, or as stoic Sheriff, Alex Romero in Bates Motel. Other roles include the Dark Knight Trilogy, as well as numerous voice acting credits. In addition to acting he has stepped behind the camera to direct, produce, and screen write. Néstor currently co-stars in The Morning Show as Yanko Flores.


Nestor Carbonell Interview: The Morning Show S2

Nestor Carbonell Interview: The Morning Show S2

  |   Written by Tatiana Hullender

Article From Screenrant

The Morning Show star Nestor Carbonell chats about Yanko’s heartbreak and the new struggles he’s facing in season 2 of the Apple TV+ show.

The Morning Show is back for its second season September 17 on Apple TV+, and the stakes are higher than ever. Fictional network UBA’s titular program is in danger at the start of the premiere, in no small part thanks to the bombshell co-anchors Alex (Jennifer Aniston, Dumplin’) and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon, Little Fires Everywhere) dropped on air in the finale.

This leaves the rest of The Morning Show family to pick up the pieces, even as they must deal with their own personal struggles at the onset of global events beyond their control. Meteorologist Yanko (Nestor Carbonell, Bates Motel) in particular is still reeling from his heartbreak over ex-girlfriend Claire (Bel Powley, The King of Staten Island), only to find himself in the eye of a storm brewing on social media. From the seed of one throwaway joke, the series uses him as a launching pad for a discussion about accountability and what it means to be “canceled.”

Carbonell spoke to Screen Rant about showcasing new sides to Yanko, exploring new dynamics, and whether there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for shippers.

The Morning Show S1 – Nestor Carbonell
Screen Rant: In season two, we get to see a lot more of Yanko on his own and dealing with different struggles than I would have expected from him last season. Can you talk a little bit about where his head is at?

Nestor Carbonell: Yeah, and they’re struggles I don’t think he expected. I’d spoken with [writer Kerry Ehrin] about this possibility of something really awful happening to Yanko because it’s always so much more fun to play when writers pile it down on your character.

We find him in the beginning of season 2 still brokenhearted, even six months after Claire has broken up with him, only to get further crushed by this situation where he finds himself being canceled for something that he feels is innocuous that he said on-camera.

And I love how the writers have handled that; how they’ve made something so seemingly absurd snowball into something that Yanko just never saw coming. And now, where no apology seems to be enough.

You never know how to deal with cancellation until it happens to you.

Nestor Carbonell: Exactly right. That’s exactly right. I think the beauty of the show is that it handles topical issues in a way where it shows every side of it; where there may be merit to somebody being called out on something they have said or done – there’s no question about that – but there’s also the danger of empowering people, where it only takes one person to get offended to start launching a campaign that may or may not get traction. And suddenly you’re in their crosshairs.

We’re also getting a lot of new faces this season, especially Stella Bak. Can you talk a little bit about this new dynamic and working with Greta Lee?

Nestor Carbonell: Yeah, I love the role of Stella Bak, so beautifully played by Greta Lee. She becomes my nemesis in my storyline and ruffles a lot of feathers at the network. She’s this younger, progressive head of the news division that has a very specific way of how she sees the direction of the show, and she ruffles feathers with Alex [and] with Bradley to a certain extent. Certainly with my character, whom she has pegged politically as one thing and painted with one brush.

And when he gets in trouble, she feels that she’s put all the pieces together and knows exactly who he is. I love that about the show. It highlights how, as a society, we do tend to put people in boxes – and how dangerous that is.

I loved Yanko and Claire, and I am heartbroken as I am sure he is. Without spoilers, do you think there is hope for them in the future – whether it is the near or far future?

Nestor Carbonell: Thank you, Tatiana. I always think there’s hope for them. I think Yanko will never stop hoping that things, in some shape or other and at some point, do come around for them. That love felt so pure for him. And I think she feels the same way, I’m hoping. We’ll see.

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