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From The Director: Behind the Scenes of Bandit

“Fans of Lost, Dark Knight, and Apple TV’s The Morning Show have obviously loved Nestor Carbonell for years because he’s such a great actor. But he’s an even better human being who constantly pushes for the best and inspires everyone around him to be better.

Here’s a crazy fact that not a lot of people know yet–

Nestor accidentally tore his Achilles tendon on day 9 while shooting a climactic scene in Bandit. As he headed to the hospital we had to find a way to finish our day, and possibly even the whole shoot without him. Kraig Wenman and I were certain the movie was over. How could we complete the story when the guy who literally has to chase Josh Duhamel for 120 minutes is likely going back to LA for surgery? We continued shooting any segment we could that day without Nestor and then suddenly several hours later I saw him standing on set. He was literally standing there with a massive walking boot and said “okay, let’s do this.” I thought he was nuts.

Instead of heading back to LA to get surgery, Nestor stayed for the rest of production to film every single scene with hardly any deviation from the script. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know where we would be today. Check out him and his beautiful eyes in BANDIT on September 23rd. Love you bro.”

In addition to the above behind the scenes tidbit, Allan Ungar also shared this never before seen set photo as well!

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