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Official Shogun Podcast Episode 3 Featuring Nestor Carbonell

Host Emily Yoshida and guests break down episode 3 of FX’s Shōgun. Featuring showrunner Justin Marks, actor Nestor Carbonell “Rodrigues,” stunt coordinator Lauro David Chartrand-Del Valle and production designer Helen Jarvis. Listen in as Yoshida and guests explore the skills required to be a great samurai, how to drown on camera, and what it takes to build 16th century ships.

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Inside of You with Michael Rosembaum: Nestor Carbonell

Néstor Carbonell (Bates Motel, Lost) joins us this week and shares his experience coming from a family of Cuban exiles, following expectations of going to Harvard, and then using leverage to make a name for himself on one of the biggest shows of all time… Lost. Néstor was great this week.

We talked about his humble beginnings, and never ‘taking for granted’ his countless guest-starring roles.

We also talk about his curveball on The Dark Knight, handling rejection, and the funny story of his first gig in a Zest commercial.
*Recorded Prior to SAF-AFTRA Strike*

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Galaxy Con Interview with Comic Book Central

Néstor was interviewed at GalaxyCon Columbus by Joe Stuber from Comic Book Central. You can listen to his interview below starting at 19:27. Shoutout to Joe who contacted me to let Nestor fans know ahead of the episode dropping! He also kindly shared the link to the website on the episode show notes.

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A Mick, A Mook, and a Mic Podcast Episode #115

Nestor Carbonell is currently co-starring in the hit series “The Morning Show,” opposite Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon, now shooting its third season for Apple TV Plus.

Nestor is most often recognized for his integral role in the series “Lost” as Richard Alpert, as well as his turn as Mayor Anthony Garcia opposite Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. He reprised his role as the Mayor of Gotham City in the box-office hit “The Dark Knight Rises”.

His star initially rose with his starring role opposite Brooke Shields in the series “Suddenly Susan” when he played the suave Cuban photojournalist, Luis Rivera, for four years (1996-2000).

The Harvard graduate has also become a director of note helming episodes of “New Amsterdam”, “Law & Order”, “The Good Doctor”, and “Rise”.

(Episode Aired October 19th)

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The Hatch: A Lost Podcast 6×10 The Package

“We talk with Néstor Carbonell about Jacob’s not-so-kind role in Richard’s life and about what the future might’ve held for his character”

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The Hatch: A Lost Podcast Ab Aeterno with Nestor Carbonell

We dig into “Ab Aeterno,” the cinematic journey into Richard Alpert’s century-and-a-half-long life, with actor Néstor Carbonell — and explore the possibility that the Island is, in fact, a kind of hell.

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The Hatch Lost Podcast Returns May 17th

The Hatch: A Lost Podcast announced yesterday via their podcast site that they will be returning on May 17th with Season 6! Catch Néstor Carbonell’s episode in July when he discusses the Richard centric Ab Aeterno!

“We’ll start watching the sixth and final season of Lost next week! We’re excited about lots of returning interview guests this season, like Néstor Carbonell, who will walk us through “Ab Aeterno.” As always, send us your hot takes at +1 954-6-DHARMA and chat with us on Twitter @TheHatchPodcast and at Our theme music is by Andy G. Cohen and our cover art is by Danny Roth.”

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Household Faces Podcast

“You’ve seen Nestor Carbonell on Lost, The Dark Knight, The Morning Show, and Bates Motel. You might even remember him as Batmanuel from The Tick. But did you know that, given a choice of characters to audition for on The Morning Show, he chose the weatherman? Or that his wife was such a huge fan of Lost she prepped him for the highly secretive sought-after role? Basement plays and acting classes alongside Matt Damon at Harvard, Suddenly Susan focus groups, cutting his teeth on soap operas – all this and more as John Ross Bowie chats with working actor and incredible eyelash haver Nestor Carbonell.”

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Success For The Underdog Podcast With Néstor & Shannon

Nestor & Shannon recently sat down with Rachel Small to discuss “All Is Not Lost”, what defines success, fame & more on Success for the Underdog Podcast!!

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The Storm Podcast Ab Aeterno with Nestor Carbonell

“This week, Joanna, Dave, and Neil might be in hell with Season 6, Episode 9 – “Ab Aeterno” – We finally get Richard’s Backstory and an explanation for what The Island is in a back-to-flashback Season 6 episode.

This week features an interview with RICARDUS HIMSELF, Nestor Carbonell, who talks to Joanna about filming this episode, and his wife’s book, All Is Not Lost by Shannon Kenny Carbonell”

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